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We use HSK, ACTFL, vocabulary range to create different reading levels


Our reading comes in different formats: dialogues, narratives, and video scripts. We make each format easy for you to read.


From tales to current events, we covers a wide range of topics that readers will find indispensable to improve their reading skills while learning about China


User Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our users say:

EasyShu revolutionalized the way I approach reading in my intermediate Chinese class. With more meaningful input students can express their opinions more easily, but in a more complex way. It has enriched my classroom. Thanks, EasyShu!

Xuan Wang

Chinese teacher, Sidwell Friends School

EasyShu is a very easy tool for students to use. Usually, going over texts takes a long time as students need to annotate Pinyin while reading. With EasyShu, reading texts becomes very efficient and simple. Students are able to essentially self-teach many of the texts. Students enjoy using this tool as it’s easy to navigate and they can use it to practice at home. Teachers save a lot of time and can work on other exercises with the students related to the topic.  

Qingqian Sun

Chinese teacher, United Nations International School

EasyShu gives me the tools to study Chinese at my speed, a speed which I can adjust with ease as I learn. Using EasyShu’s clean and convenient interface, I can easily read assigned texts and access the simple definitions to new words within them. All and all, it is a more holistic learning experience that leads to higher proficiency and confidence!

Benjamin Maltz

Student, Columbia University

My students love EasyShu! They say it’s the coolest website they’ve used to learn Chinese!

Miranda Liu

Chinese teacher, Berkeley Carroll School

About EasyShu

EasyShu was born in the Chinese language classroom. More than just a dictionary or word processor, EasyShu allows Chinese language teachers to create and customize their own reading materials while integrating other media on a single platform. With EasyShu’s time-saving tools, teachers can improve the quality of reading materials and efficiently adapt to students’ needs; students can easily read assigned texts and study at their own pace.

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